Product FAQ


What is Rising Team?

Rising Team helps leaders and their teams grow together by equipping managers to easily host meaningful team development experiences around key leadership themes. Each Rising Team Kit covers one topic and includes training for the leader and a fun, interactive experience for the team. Equally effective for in-person, remote, or hybrid teams, our software does the work of a professional facilitator. So just hit Start and follow the prompts, and by the end of each session your team will feel more connected, learn key skills, and increase team effectiveness.

How does it work?

A subscription to Rising Team includes access to both Learning Kits and Connection Boosts.

Here's a breakdown of how they are different:


Suggested prep time

Average session run time

When to do them

Learning Kits

New leadership skill

30-60 minutes

1.5-2 hours

Every 6 weeks

Connection Boosts

Team bonding

5-10 minutes

45-60 minutes

Every 4-6 weeks. May alternate with learning kits



Suggested prep time

Average session run time

When to do them

Learning Kits

New leadership skill

30-60 minutes

1.5-2 hours

Every 4-6 weeks

Connection Boosts

Team bonding

5-10 minutes

45-60 minutes

Every 4-6 weeks. May alternate
with learning kits

How do Learning Kits work?

Each kit covers a new leadership theme based on what research shows drives team success and engagement, such as Psychological Safety, Appreciation, and Clear Expectations. 

The kits all follow the same steps:

  1. Schedule the session with your team. Make time on your calendar to invest in yourself and your team. Average sessions run 90 minutes, and larger teams may take two hours. We recommend running a session every 4-6 weeks for the healthiest team dynamics. 
  2. Prepare for the session. We get you up to speed on the topic with just a half-hour or so of prep: read or listen to the research-based training articles, review a screencast of how the session will work, and try out the interactive exercise in advance.
  3. Run the session. You just click Start and follow the prompts. Our software takes care of everything including warmups, learning goals, interactive team activities, data summaries, reflections, and even countdown timers.

How do Connection Boosts work?

Connection Boosts work the same way as a Learning Kit, only with less time commitment and more focus just on team connection. You can find them on the Kits tab. We recommend alternating these with the Learning Kits, and aim to do one or the other every 4-6 weeks.

What results can I expect and how quickly?

Teams that did at least three Rising Team sessions saw a lift in nearly all team engagement metrics, including intent to stay at their company and how much they feel appreciated. More than 90% of our users say they learn something valuable, feel more connected, and believe they’ll work more effectively together as a team after the very first session! And they say that these benefits grow with each session. So you can see results right away, and see increased value by consistently running Rising Team sessions. 

In fact, using Rising Team addresses the issues that a recent McKinsey study* highlighted as the most important drivers of the Great Resignation—helping people feel valued, giving people a sense of belonging, and building trust and care among teammates. 

The question is, how quickly can you schedule your first session?

*The Great Attrition or the Great Attraction; The Choice is Yours - Sept. 2021

How much time does it require from me and from my team?

Each Rising Team Kit involves 30-60 mins of prep time for the leader and 1.5-2 hours for the team session. Your prep time is leadership training for you to learn the latest science around the theme, and the team time is what helps the team grow and connect. 

Team sessions average 90 minutes in length, and we recommend setting aside 2 hours if your team is larger or more talkative. (The more people you have on your team the more sharing and discussion will be involved.)

We recommend running a Rising Team session every 4-6 weeks for healthy team dynamics. It’s the consistency of investing in your own leadership development and your team that leads to higher success and deeper connection over time. 

We hear from some people that they are too busy to fit in time for these sessions. We know everyone has a lot going on! That’s why we made these sessions so compact. Two hours every 6 weeks is less than 1% of your time. In a world where nearly half of all employees are actively thinking about leaving their job in the next 3 to 6 months, Rising Team helps you address the human issues underlying this trend: helping people feel valued, giving people a sense of belonging, and building trust and care among teammates.
*Source: Gallup

Does the order I do the kits matter?

We recommend that you follow our curated order, because we order the kits based on the combination of science and experience so that teams start with foundational items like Psychological Safety and then build upon those foundations over time. 

That said, we give you access to all the available kits so if there is something that feels like a pressing need for your team, you can change the order. For instance, if your company recently ran an engagement survey and found areas that are low, you can choose kits that tie to those specific areas of engagement.

We’ll also regularly be adding new kits, so keep an eye out for new topics that may be relevant to your team.

Where does the content for the sessions come from? Is it based on a specific methodology or research?

The Rising Team content is based on the latest science and research about what drives successful teams, blended with over 25 years of experience leading winning teams at some of the world’s top companies. Our content is developed by our founder, Jennifer Dulski, as well as other leadership experts, like LinkedIn Learning expert, Christine DiDonato, and others. On some topics, like DEI, we also partner with specific content area experts to develop the kits. 

The general Rising Team philosophy of “The Three Cs” (Coach, Clarify, Connect) was developed over the last two decades by Jennifer Dulski, and you can learn more about it in our “Three-Step Guide to Leading Successful Remote Teams.” It outlines how the best managers are like great sports coaches— they understand and develop each team member, articulate a clear vision and plan to get results, and build the team into a cohesive unit.

What do the team assessments include or consist of?

Each proprietary team activity or assessment is developed by Rising Team uniquely for the team session and the leadership topic it covers. Some of the assessments (like the Motivators charts and the User Manual) have been used by our founder, Jennifer Dulski, over many years with her own teams and are now being productized into software, while others are newly developed for Rising Team. 

All of the activities and assessments are tested by real teams before we launch them to ensure they meet our standards for usability, accuracy, and value. 

Our quiz-style exercises (like Talents and Resilience Responder Types) are meant to be self-reported results, not scientific assessments. Overall, we get high accuracy scores, with an average accuracy rating of 4.3 out of 5 (where 4 is accurate and 5 is very accurate).


Is there a limit to the number of team members I can invite to each session?

Yes, we set the limit to 10 team members to keep the session to a reasonable length. Since the sessions involve active participation and sharing, keeping the size of the team to 10 or fewer ensures everyone gets time to talk and you can have a meaningful session within two hours.  If you have a team that is larger than 10, you can split the team into smaller groups.

We are also working on a larger team version of our sessions. If you are interested in learning more about that, reach out to us at

Does it have to be the same team members every session?

Nope! Rising Team will adapt to whichever team members are on your team at the time of any given session. You start each session by sharing a link and a code with your team, so as long as you keep it to 10 or fewer people per session, you can always include just the current members of your team.

How do I add or remove team members on Rising Team?

Visit your Admin tab to view a snapshot of your team members. From there, you can add or remove team members.

If I add new team members, what's the best way to catch them up on past exercises?

After that, new team members can go to the Team tab and click on their name to see a list of prior team exercises and take each one. As the team lead, you can also send an invite to them to complete specific past exercises from the Team tab. You can do this for anyone who misses a session as well.
We recommend simply inviting them to join your next Rising Team session using the session URL and code. By virtue of joining a session, they will be sent an invite and added to your account. 

Example of the team page for new members to do a kit

We don't recommend asking new team members to take past exercises until they have completed at least one live team session together with you. That said, if you prefer that they do missed exercises first, you can go to the Account tab and click “Add a new member” to invite them to Rising Team and then go to the Team tab, click on their name, and send invites to any exercises you want them to take.

How can I easily invite my peers to use Rising Team with their teams?

Thanks for recommending Rising Team to others! Simply send them over to our website and have them get started. We’re also building out an official referral program. We’re building out an official referral program but in the meantime, just email us at if you refer a friend and we'll pay you $75 for each person you refer who signs up.

I manage a team of managers. Can I have them use Rising Team with their teams?

Absolutely. Just sign up for multiple teams when you first get started and it will make you the administrator. You can then invite others to use Rising Team with their own teams and you’ll get a rollup view across those teams. If you’ve already started using the product and want to add more teams, reach out to us at and we’ll take care of it.

Can I invite people who aren’t my direct reports to my Rising Team account if I have a coaching or dotted line relationship with them?

Yes! You can invite anyone on a team you lead where you are trying to build stronger connections and working relationships. This could include direct reports, cross-functional “dotted line” reports,  freelancers, interns, etc. 

How can I measure the impact that Rising Team has on my team?

There are two ways to measure the impact of Rising Team:

First are the 4-question, in-session surveys we run at the end of each session. You can see those results in the Session Summary reports on the Reports tab.

Second, we offer an engagement survey to track how your team trends over time as you use Rising Team. It's a mini-survey with 14 standard employee engagement questions, and only takes a few minutes to fill out. We recommend you run a first survey early on to baseline where things stand, and then re-run it periodically after that. Results are reported as averages and only shown when three or more people respond in order to preserve anonymity. They are also shared with your company admin, if applicable. Visit the Reports tab and select Engagement as the report type to send out the survey and check the results anytime.


Is Rising Team for hybrid, remote or in-person teams?

All of the above! Rising Team sessions work whether everyone is in an office, everyone is remote, or some of each. What you need to make the session work is for everyone to have a device (laptop, phone, or tablet) and internet access.

Do I have to be the facilitator? 

No. You can assign any person on the team to facilitate the session by changing the Team Lead on your Account tab. You can also invite another person, like an HR partner, to join your session and facilitate. 

That said, we highly recommend—especially for earlier career managers—that you do facilitate the sessions because it’s a great opportunity to practice key leadership skills around supporting and coaching your team members. Although it may be slightly outside of your comfort zone, the software makes it easy to practice these key skills by just following the prompts. (And if you’re already an expert facilitator, there’s still a lot of room to be creative in how you run the sessions.)

What does my team see on their screens during the session?

Team members see the same pages as the team lead sees throughout the session, so they can follow along and actively participate, including completing the assessments or activities. The team lead screens will contain facilitator tips and the ability to start or pause the countdown timer. Facilitators will often share their screen during the session, and it’s ok that your team will also see these facilitator tips on your screen, as sometimes they can offer helpful reminders if you miss something!

What if someone joins a session late?

They’ll start from the beginning of the session and will need to work through the different pages and exercises to catch up.

Are results from the sessions saved?

Yes, the results from your session are saved and you’ll have access to them as long as you’re subscribed to Rising Team.

What data from the sessions will I be able to keep?

All of the results from the exercises the team completes in the Rising Team sessions will be available to you and the team on your Team tab as long as you are subscribed to Rising Team. Each person can see both the individual results of each teammate and the overview of the team as a whole. These detailed assessments of your team will help you more deeply understand each other and work better together, since you’ll know everything from preferred communication methods to top talents, to the resilience strategies people want to try.

Besides the exercise results, are the other aspects from the sessions saved?

Each kit will have a step for team members to share their reflections and action items, as well as fill out a required post-session feedback survey. After your session is completed, we'll email you a link to a report that contains those responses, as well as each person's results from the session's activity or assessment. These responses are included at an anonymous level in the Reports tab, which is shared with your company admin, if applicable.

Can I edit my responses to a past session?

Yes. If you'd like to change your responses to one of our exercises, visit the Team tab and select your name from the drop-down menu. Choose the kit and you'll see an Update button that allows you to retake the exercise.


Who can see my activity on Rising Team?

Team members can see each others’ session results, including answers to the exercise questions, as well as answers to the reflection and action items prompts. After each team session is completed, all individual and team overview results are visible to everyone within that team from the Team tab (

You’re not able to see any information for teams that you’re not a part of, even if those teams are in the same company, unless individuals choose to share it with you. We do encourage people to share their results with others they work with outside of their direct team in order to improve working relationships across organizations. You can share your results with anyone by clicking Share on any of your own results pages on the Team tab. 

For teams that are part of larger company-wide programs, your reporting chain and/or HR colleagues may have a rollup view of your team’s data. These rollup views are anonymized, so administrators of the program can see results and comments, but without any names attached.

Do you share or sell my data outside of Rising Team?

No. We never share or sell any data outside of Rising Team. We may periodically use aggregated data to highlight trends we see in the industry to help improve the future of work for everyone, but we’ll never share or sell any individual or company-level data.


Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel by clicking Cancel subscription at the bottom of the billing section of your Admin tab. You’ll have access to Rising Team for the remainder of the billing period you paid for (month or year). 

After you cancel you’ll no longer have access to your team’s data from previous sessions.

Are there volume discounts if I purchase for multiple teams in my company?

Yes! To discuss options for this, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.


Where can I access admin-level settings?

If you manage the Rising Team access for multiple teams, you'll have an Admin tab where you can add or remove team leads, add more admins, buy more team access, and manage billing.

Does Rising Team integrate with other software like HRIS, LMS, Engagement tracking,
or other platforms?

While we don’t currently integrate with other platforms, it’s on our roadmap. We’re listening to our customers to determine their areas of highest need, so if something specific is important to you, please reach out to let us know.

Do you customize Rising Team to connect to our company leadership philosophies?

There are a variety of ways that we can customize the product to work alongside your own leadership development materials and philosophies, including helping you develop your own custom kits. Reach out to us at if you’d like to learn more.

How do you handle security?

We take your privacy and security very seriously. For information on our certifications, data encryption practices, and other security protocols, visit or email with specific questions.

Still have questions? Email us at