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Our Mission

Empower managers to build more engaged, connected, and successful teams

About Us

We believe work is a team sport. Great teams and the people who make up those teams are the heart and soul of every organization. The most successful teams have leaders that believe in each person’s potential, set high expectations, and support the team to reach them.

At Rising Team we aim to give leaders the training and tools they need to build engaged, connected and successful teams. Our system is built around a philosophy we call the 3 Cs—Coach, Clarify, and Connect. It's a framework for leaders to consistently do what great sports coaches do: understand and develop each team member, articulate a clear vision and plan to get results, and build the team into a cohesive unit.

Led by CEO and founder, Jennifer Dulski, Rising Team offers proprietary assessments and tools that are backed by science and were developed for use with her own teams over her more than 20 years of leadership and management experience at Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, and

Rising Team’s deep connection to team sports and the life skills they teach, harken back to Jennifer’s time as a national champion crew coxswain, where she learned valuable lessons about how to bring teamwork to life. No matter the outcome, she was in the boat, coaching her team and working alongside them as a member of the crew. (And when they won, they got to throw her in the water, per longstanding rowing tradition that Jen refers to as “taking one for the team.”) These lessons are as valuable in the workplace as they are in the boat and serve as a core part of the foundation of Rising Team.

Our Values

We are all one team

Work is a team sport and we all support each other as part of the same team. Everyone pitches in to add value wherever it’s needed to ensure the team is successful.

We champion coaching

Even the best athletes in the world have coaches. We encourage and rely on the give and take of frequent guidance to make us all better in the pursuit of our mission and in the opportunities we undertake as a team and as individuals.

We cheer each other on

We serve, support, and celebrate our teammates and our users. We root for each others’ successes and are in each others’ corners when things get tough, both at work and outside of work. We enjoy spending time together, having fun, and getting to know the full lives of the people we work with. 

We persist to clear hurdles in our way

There will always be obstacles on the path towards our mission. We persevere when we work together, learning from failure, and  developing creative solutions. The only way to clear hurdles ahead of us is to keep moving forward.

We grow through continuous learning and practice

The world we live in is constantly changing, so it's important to keep up with that change by embracing a beginner’s mind. Vigorous practice and constant learning helps us adapt to new situations as they arise.

We commit and then sweat the results

We work in service of a mission that is larger than ourselves, helping everyone in the workforce reach their full potential. So results matter. We start by gaining alignment around goals and then work hard to beat expectations.

A small but mighty crew

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Charlene Fitzgibbon
Brand + Communications Lead
Jennifer Dulski
CEO & Founder at Rising Team
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