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Elevating team performance through psychological safety

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Psychological safety is not just a buzzword; it’s the most critical foundation for high-performing teams.

Google’s Project Aristotle underlines it as the foremost element that sets apart exceptional teams. Learn more about the what, why, and how of psychological safety, and read our psychological safety training article.

We are experts at delivering results in psychological safety

Our customers have run over >1,000 psychological safety sessions with 83% ranking us an 8, 9, or 10. Our data shows that teams who have done Rising Team sessions feel more safe expressing their ideas to their colleagues than teams that haven’t. The reason it works is that we created software that guides managers to run interactive sessions with their teams easily and intuitively. Managers love the curated, distilled training articles and getting a time-effective and proven tool they can use right away. Team members love that the psychological safety sessions are engaging and interactive, and build deeper trust and connection with their teammates.

From startups to large, global enterprises, our customers get tremendous results in just a few hours a quarter. Simply put, team members and team leads love our platform because it effectively solves an urgent need.

Deepening impact through feedback

While our Psychological Safety kit has delivered remarkable results, we are doubling down on our commitment to supporting every team on earth to improve their psychological safety. One of the most common asks we received was to create a dedicated track to systematically address each of the unique stages of developing psychological safety on your team.

You ask, and we deliver 👏.

Introducing: The comprehensive psychological safety program

The psychological safety track tackles one pivotal development stage per quarter, as defined by Timothy Clark:

Quarter 1: Inclusion Safety

Build trust and help everyone on the team feel included for what they bring to the table.

  • Development Kit: User Manual
  • Leader Actions: Six weekly suggested actions to build inclusion safety
  • Connection Kit: Lifelines
Quarter 2: Learner Safety

Enhance individual and collective learning capabilities of the team.

  • Development Kit: Learner Agility  
  • Leader Actions: Six methods to empower diverse learning styles
  • Connection Kit: Gratitude
Quarter 3: Collaborator Safety

Foster an environment where everyone feels heard and valued.

  • Development Kit: Conscious Listening
  • Leader Actions: Six practices to help each other succeed
  • Connection Kit: Keep / Let Go
Quarter 4: Challenger Safety

Create a safe space where team members are encouraged to speak up.

  • Development Kit: Feedback Culture
  • Leader Actions: Six avenues to encourage open dialogue
  • Connection Kit: Scavenger Hunt
  • BONUS Development Kit: Appreciations

Why embark on this journey?

Managers today are stretched thin and expected to do more with less. The challenges of adapting to remote or RTO work can feel overwhelming, especially without the right tools. 

This complete psychological safety track is your toolkit to address everyday needs while yielding meaningful results. More than 90% of participants in Rising Team sessions have reported a stronger sense of connection and effective collaboration.

Getting started can feel overwhelming

We understand that taking the first step is often the most challenging part. We’re here to support you, offering best practices and lessons learned at each stage of your psychological safety journey. Ready to get started? Schedule a call with us today.

As you contemplate this crucial step for your team, know we’re excited and committed to accompanying you on every step of your psychological safety journey.

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