April 17, 2023

New Rising Team Report Reveals Surprising Benefits of Remote and Hybrid Work

New Rising Team Report Reveals Surprising Benefits of Remote and Hybrid Work

Rising Team, the industry’s leading team development platform, announced today the key results from its first Evolution of Teams report. The report includes valuable insights into the impact of flexible work arrangements and how they are affecting workplace teams today. Research findings are based on a survey conducted by Rising Team in Q4 2022 and Q1 2023 that received responses from 1,027 individuals from all seniority levels across a wide range of industries and company sizes within the United States. 

The report found that flexible work environments are overwhelmingly the new norm for organizations of all sizes, with 74% of employees responding that they now work at remote or hybrid organizations. What’s more, respondents reported some surprising benefits not typically associated with remote and hybrid work, including a greater sense of belonging, improved collaboration and communication, and higher overall job satisfaction. 

Key insights from the Evolution of Teams report include: 

  • Employees on remote and hybrid teams rate nearly every aspect of their employee experience higher than do those on in-person teams. Employees report feeling more effective, trusted, connected, and valued; a greater sense of belonging; and that their opinions matter more, versus those on in-person teams.

  • Even with these benefits, employees at all types of workplaces are still struggling. Burnout is identified as the top challenge, impacting 42% of respondents, and is worse among first line managers. And the data shows that employees that report burnout are 2x more likely to report being “very likely” to leave their jobs.  

  • Individual contributors and their direct managers are much more dissatisfied with the level of support they receive from their managers, expressing dissatisfaction at nearly 2X the rate of senior managers and executives. Of all of the roles, first line managers are the least satisfied with the support they are receiving from their managers, showing that front line and middle managers need more support.

“We launched this survey to explore how teams are faring and how leaders can make their teams successful no matter where people work,” said Jennifer Dulski, CEO and Founder of Rising Team. “As the business world continues to adjust to post-pandemic realities, this report outlines valuable insights to help leaders understand what teams and individuals need and  prioritize the actions necessary to drive more engaged, connected and successful teams.”

To access the full report and our findings go to Rising Team.

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