August 30, 2023

Female Founder’s Team Development Platform Attracts VC

Female Founder’s Team Development Platform Attracts VC

In the realm of leadership training, where results often lag behind investments, Jennifer Dulski is rewriting the playbook. As a tech executive turned entrepreneur, Dulski's brainchild, "Rising Team," is stepping up to bridge the gap between knowledge and practical application in leadership development. In a landscape magnified by the pandemic's disconnection, Dulski's journey echoes the struggle to secure funding despite a glaring need and her proven track record.

Dulski's ascent as a solo female founder securing venture capital is a beacon in an environment where funding distribution for all-female founder teams dwindled during the pandemic. With a professional background boasting leadership roles at tech giants including Facebook, Google, and Yahoo, as well as experience at, her second venture-backed venture, Dulski's prowess is undeniable. Rising Team takes the reins of leadership training, offering digital toolkits designed to empower managers with new skills and the ability to implement them effectively. This approach aims to foster mutual understanding, enhance team cohesion, and elevate performance in the ever-evolving workplace.

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