"It's drop-dead simple. I’m convinced any leader can facilitate a productive team session by just following the directions and sharing their screen."
Data Analyst
— Talent Development Director, Fortune 500 company

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“This was the most inspiring and civil team discussion we’ve ever had.”
Data Analyst
— Analyst, Fortune 500 company

Common Questions


Can an online tool actually improve team engagement?

Absolutely. In all types of work settings, over 90% of those who participate in a single Rising Team session report feeling a stronger connection with their colleagues. The majority of our customers see a significant boost in engagement scores compared to their metrics before rolling-out Rising Team and against control groups that do not participate in Rising Team sessions.

How much time does it take?

Teams dedicate just 3 to 4 hours quarterly doing Rising Team sessions, a modest investment under 1% of their time, resulting in significant boosts in connection and engagement.

We typically recommend the following cadence for each 90-day quarter: 

  • 1 Development Kit - 1.5 to 2 hours
  • 1 Connection Kit - 45 to 60 minutes
  • A few Mini Kits - 10 to 15-minute sessions that can be added to regular meetings such as standups, scrums, or all-hands, making them more engaging. 

Is it only for remote teams?

No, Rising Team works great for in-person and hybrid teams, too. 

Is there a minimum size for teams? A maximum?

There is no minimum. Even 2 people can do sessions together. Our current maximum recommended team size is 14. We also offer kits for large team meetings up to 1,000.

Will my team think it’s hokey? 

Not at all! Our sessions have a 9 out of 10 “likely to recommend” score across all kinds of teams. Read more about what participants say about our sessions. Managers and teams appreciate the fact that our sessions use scientifically-proven leadership frameworks and tools from experts such as Amy Edmondson, Timothy R. Clark, Adam Grant, and many others.

What if my team is silent during the session?

Our sessions are designed to get participants talking, so this won’t be a problem! Sessions start with light warm-ups to help participants get comfortable. Then they move on to more in-depth activities and team discussions that follow. During group share-outs, the tool automatically prompts participants so that everyone gets a turn without having to raise their hand.

Is this only for experienced managers? Or only for junior managers?

Rising Team is beneficial for leaders and teams at every level, from the C–Suite to first-time managers. While many customers often first try Rising Team with senior executives, it’s designed to help leaders gain a deeper understanding of their teams, which is essential at all levels of an organization. Regardless of level, teams value the insights the gather and team bonding that occurs.

Do managers need training to run sessions? 

Our training is designed to be efficient. Upon program kick-off, we conduct a 60-minute live training session to familiarize team leaders with how to use the platform. Then, for Development Kits, leaders allocate approximately 20 minutes before the session to familiarize themselves with the subject matter and session facilitation. 

What topics do your sessions cover? 

Our sessions address all the drivers of high performing teams and the key factors measured in employee engagement surveys, like Psychological Safety, Resilience, Career Growth, Conscious Listening, Clear Expectations, Appreciation, Motivators, Gratitude, Feedback, and dozens more. View the full list of kits here.

What research is Rising Team based on?

Rather than rely on a single model or framework, we build our sessions around the most common drivers of high-performing teams as measured by organizations like Gallup, McKinsey, and Harvard Business Review. We incorporate the latest research from leadership experts including Amy Edmondson, Timothy R. Clark, Adam Grant, and many others, as well as learning from 25+ years of leadership experience of our founder, Jennifer Dulski, who teaches leadership at Stanford Graduate School of Business. 

Will it work for my organization? Or is it only for tech companies?

  • Rising Team works for all types of organizations, regardless of size, industry, or location.
  • Our tools are effective at driving results at a wide range of companies and organizations ranging from global tech leaders like Google and Cisco, to hybrid teams at mid-sized companies like Weight Watchers and Bank of Hawaii, as well as in-person teams at local nonprofits  like the San Diego Food Bank, K-12 schools, and government agencies. 
  • We also work with a wide range of functional groups as well, including Engineering, Marketing, IT, Customer Support, and more. Plus, our Mini Kits are specifically designed to be effective with deskless and hourly workers because they are mobile optimized and only 10-minutes long.